Big Covers. Small Price.

As a self-published author, it's tough to know how much to spend on your book cover. Custom book cover design often runs as high as $1,000, and there's still absolutely no guarantee that your book will ACTUALLY sell.

Yet, many go too far in the other direction, playing it too safe by getting a book cover from Fiverr or other low-quality source of cover design, and this can be tragic--as it will undeniably hurt your sales and worsen your book's performance in Amazon's algorithm. Your marketing efforts will all be in vain.

Running a successful self-publishing business is all about striking the right balance, and maximizing the quality of the finished product without breaking the bank. Believe me I know. I've sold over $500,000 of books that I've written, co-founded a publishing company that's published over 200 books, I run one of the biggest book-promotion sites in the world, and more.

And that's why my partner and I launched 100 Covers, where you can get truly custom book cover design, with quality licensed fonts and images, from an experienced American designer who understands how to create a cover that helps sell a book, for just $100. No hidden fees or add-ons or other shenanigans in that price.

It's without a doubt the best overall VALUE in book cover design found anywhere online.

Next time you go to publish a book, make 100 Covers your go-to source for cover design. We'll give you a great cover every time, at the best price in the business, with a simple, efficient process that enables you to stay focused on writing and selling your books.

How It Works...

Once you purchase cover design services from 100 Covers, you'll be asked for 5 simple things to help your designer make the best possible cover for you:

  • Any requests or ideas that you have for your design.
  • Links to the two already-published books you like and think are most similar to yours.
  • Your finished book description or overview.
  • Your title, subtitle, and author name exactly as it is to appear on the cover.
  • The 2 primary book categories you're hoping to be competitive in.

One thing that DOES make us different from other design firms is that we don't do multiple versions or allow revisions (unless we make a blatant mistake).

This may seem pretty extreme, but we've seen countless authors spend $500-1,500 on book covers and NEVER make that money back. It's simply too risky to pay that much for a book cover unless you already have a massive following. That's why we launched a $100 book cover service, because that's what the self-publishing community NEEDS.

But it takes 4 hours on average to design a book cover from scratch. That doesn't leave room for endless revisions, multiple mockups, and pointless squabbles over the font selected for the subtitle and other trivialities.

In short, you'll have to trust that, with over a decade of experience of actually SELLING, PUBLISHING, and PROMOTING books, that we know what a pro genre-appropriate cover looks like, that you'll receive exactly that from us, and that it will get the job done just like a $1,000 "have it your way" cover gig.

It's easier on us, keeps you focused on your work instead of trying to micromanage your cover design, and ultimately is what makes outstanding work like this affordable to the indie community.


Andie has made all of my book covers. I must admit, the first cover I got from her didn't seem like me at all. But she assured me that it was the right cover for the book, and that it would help sell my book more effectively by connecting me to a larger audience. It was tough to let go, but I did and gave it a shot. More than two years later, my book is STILL a perennial bestseller on Amazon. As I write this, my book is #3 in all of Diets and Weight Loss (kind of a big category!) in the Kindle store. The book's success has made me an authority, and helped me launch a fantastic 6-figure and soon to be 7-figure business. I know the cover had a lot to do with that success. To be able to get a book cover like this for $100 is crazy. You'd be nuts not to get your cover done through 100 Covers.

Ari Whitten

Ari Whitten
Author: Forever Fat Loss and Low Carb Myth

Andie has designed multiple book covers for me, and I've been blown away with the results each and every time. She's created covers that definitely pop out online and on Amazon, which is key when potential customers are scrolling through the catalogs. All of my books with her cover designs have hit the #1 slot in their respective categories. But even more important to me, she did an awesome job of integrating a certain look and feel that represents a little Miyaki Flavor (I guess they formally refer to that as a brand, and brand consistency). Anyways, I highly recommend.

Nate Miyaki

Nate Miyaki
Author: The Samurai Diet, The Truth About Carbs and The Truth About Weight Loss

I couldn’t figure out what I needed for my book cover. I had tried to create something that I thought would work and my friends encouraged me to continue my search for a good cover, that’s code for – your ideas stink. When I got together with Andrea, she gathered the information about my book, who I was trying to reach, the essence of my message and designed the most delightful, playful, and fascinating cover. She nailed it right from the start. She tweaked it and we were done. The process was so quick and painless that I was in shock as I had expected rounds of revisions trying to find just the right design. Everyone that has seen it has remarked how inviting it is. Her cover design will be the tipping point to my book’s success. Everyone knows, a good book is known by its cover. Linda James Bennett, author Becoming a Seriously Happy Special Needs Mom, 21 Steps to Finding Your Happy Place

Linda Bennett

Linda Bennett
Author: Becoming a Seriously Happy Special Needs Mom

Every time Andrea creates a book cover for me, the results are incredible. Just when I think she can't possibly outdo herself, she does. Recently, I decided to try and design a couple of new covers myself. What I came up with was pretty darn good, I thought, until Andrea got a hold of them and sent me back new and improved versions of what I had done. She has a tremendous eye, and a special touch.

John H. Clark III

John H. Clark III
Author: Finding God, Dying and Camino

Order Your First Cover Now!

Ready to partner up with the best value design service that's always got you "covered" when you go to publish your next book? Shop from one of 3 products below that best match your needs, or simply Contact Us for a custom quote on a more unique project if you don't see what you're looking for...

Custom eBook Cover


  • → A custom eBook cover by an experienced American cover designer.
    → Ready to use on Amazon Kindle and other vendors.
    → Quality licensed images and fonts, all for just $100!
    → The best value in the self-publishing world by a long shot.

The Marketing Pack


  • In addition to getting a custom eBook cover:
    → 3D images of your book for website and promotional use
    → A Facebook optimized image for promoting your book on social media
    → A guaranteed promotion spot with Buck Books when your book launches.

The Print Pack


  • In addition to what's included in the Marketing Pack:
    → You'll get a full Createspace-ready print cover in the size of your choice
    → A custom spine that perfectly fits the page count of your book
    → A custom, professional back cover complete with your author photo

Working on a Series?

Are you working on a series? Good for you! Writing a series is highly advantageous when it comes to marketing and selling your work--both in fiction and nonfiction. And it also makes a cover designer's job A LOT easier. And that's why, after you purchase a cover package with 100 Covers, we'll do each subsequent cover in your series for just $50!