100 Covers Book Formatting

Your book cover is done! Now let us create a stylish interior that matches it!


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We’ve licensed the fonts and images on your cover, so why not let us use them on the interior to create a harmonious, professional look inside and out?

Once we receive your 100% edited, proofread, and finalized manuscript, it will take us just 1-2 weeks to complete, and you’ll even get to continue working with your same project manager!

What We Do

Once your book cover design is finalized and we have your final manuscript, we’ll go through it line by line to create an elegant interior that suits your genre. Next we’ll add a title page, copyright page, dedication, table of contents (if you want), unique and stylish chapter headings, and page numbers, and we’ll insert images, tables, and illustrations if needed (you provide the images), and more to create a professional interior design. A great example of the full range of stylish highlights we can add to your interior to match your cover can be seen below in the work we did for Obsidian Poetry

The Goods

Once you’ve sent your finished manuscript and intended trim size to your project manager (your project manager will help you make the right decision about what trim size is right for your book if you’re unsure), one of our formatters will snap into action, starting with the print version of your manuscript, which can be used for both paperback and hardcover at any of the common print-on-demand publishing services (KDP/Amazon, Ingramspark, Draft2Digital, etc.). 

Once you’ve approved all final revisions, we’ll move on to the eBook version, formatting it in reflowable text for compatibility with any laptop, desktop, eReader, phone, or tablet. When complete, you’ll receive a PDF print version and an ePub for eBook.

Order Now for Just $200!

Add formatting for your book in eBook and Print (and any others we have designed or will design for you in the future), for the unbeatable price of just $200 each, with unlimited revisions and our 100% satisfaction guarantee included. Receive a FULL REFUND if you are unhappy with the finished product in any way!

Quantity can be edited during checkout if you’d like to place multiple orders.


Below are some frequently asked questions. If you do not see an answer to the question you have, ask your project manager or get a direct response from the Big Boss Man himself by sending an email to contact@100covers.com 🙂

Not usually, but we do charge a small fee for books that are unusually long or contain images. We charge $2 per 1,000 words above 80,000 words, and we charge $2 per image inserted into the book (if you have fewer than 5 we’ll add those for free, no big deal). So if your book is, say, 100,000 words long or you need to insert 20 images, you’ll receive a $40 additional invoice when it’s finished.

We aim for 2 weeks or less from the day you place your order, and so far have never missed a deadline except on rare occasion when multiple rounds of revisions were needed.

Whatever you need done on the interior, we’re ready for it! We’ll only charge extra ($2 each) for images that need to be added to the inside, such as illustrations, text boxes, graphs, charts, pictures, etc.

Yes, we’ll do that for you, but we’re unable at this time to offer any discount on our standard $200 charge.

If you are a 100 Covers customer that has used our service before, YES! But keep in mind that we won’t have permission to use images and fonts from your cover. We’ll be able to create a nice interior, but it won’t be exactly congruent like the ones we designed ourselves.

Nothing! If you need to update your book in the future, we’re willing to crack open your files and make the necessary changes to update your files. Just make sure to make very careful notes about where the changes need to be made.

It would be best to give us a chance to revise the book to your liking first, but ultimately, if you’re unsatisfied in any way, we’ll refund all fees that you paid for the service.

YES! Just like with our book cover service, we offer unlimited free revisions. Whatever it takes to make you happy, we’ll do it!

We very rarely run sales on formatting because it’s just too tedious and time-consuming to go through an entire book, line by line, to make sure it’s just perfect. There are no existing coupon codes available to be used on our formatting service. $200 is the price. If we’re able to increase our efficiency enough to lower this price in the future, we will, but for now that’s truly the best we can do and still remain profitable. We’re dedicated with our formatting, just like with our cover service, to charge as LITTLE as we possibly can to serve an often budget-strapped self-published author community (not as MUCH as we possibly can like most other businesses). We sincerely hope this price fits into your budget. If not, please feel free to write to us at contact@100covers.com, and we’ll see if there’s any way we can give you a small discount to help.

This will be handled by your current project manager. Once you purchase, let your project manager know you will be getting your formatting done with us, and he or she will let you know what you need to provide and how to send it.

So Far So Good!

So far 100 Covers customers are loving the new addition of formatting to our arsenal. Let 100 Covers make your publishing process faster, easier, AND more affordable!