Hi and welcome to 100 Covers, where we create custom book cover designs on par with the quality of the bestsellers in ANY category or genre, with licensed fonts and images (with no added fees), and unlimited revisions…

FOR JUST $100! 

With top book cover design firms charging $299-1,000 for the exact same thing, $100 may seem too good to be true. 

But it’s not.

Our low prices are made possible by our ability to quickly turn typical low-wage graphic designers into inspired, highly-motived, truly world-class book cover artists with a deep understanding of the looks that sell books.

And because of the positive, energetic, cooperative environment we foster for our designers to grow their design skills, they get better EVERY WEEK!

Our bold mission at 100 Covers is to become the BEST QUALITY book cover design firm in the world, while keeping our prices at an unthinkably low $100. FOREVER.

No longer do authors have to take huge financial gambles to get truly professional book cover design work for their titles. Use 100 Covers for your next book, and to revitalize old covers that need some love.

The 100Covers Difference

What makes 100 Covers different is our extensive background in marketing, publishing, and sales. Since 2014, we’ve overseen more than 3,000 book promotions and over 10,000 ads!

This has given us an unprecedented eye for what look works the best FOR PAID MARKETING. And we use this knowledge to guide the design process. We are not just artists, but true marketing and publishing experts focused on tangible RESULTS. That’s why our covers tend to be simple, clean, and clear with a mass-market appeal instead of high-risk artsy fartsy fluff.


Our Services

Our services are broken down into three easy categories. We provide our basic Custom eBook Cover design for $100, and we have two upgrades available for $200 and $300: The Marketing Pack, and The Print Pack.


Custom eBook Cover Design

Our standard $100 service includes a custom Kindle-ready cover with licensed fonts and images. We spend extensive time browsing the bestsellers in your category/genre to determine how to blend in with the bestsellers while still achieving a unique and creative look.

Below are some of the more recent projects we’ve done. As you can see, our work spans a very broad range of genres. With our large team of diversely-talented designers, we can truly achieve ANY look to match your genre and suit your tastes.

The Marketing Pack

For $200 you can select our Marketing Pack. This contains everything included in the eBook Cover Design, as well as 3D and social media images of your book…

PLUS a free promotion through Buck Books when you launch!

And The Marketing Pack now includes an entire month of ad campaign management provided by BookAds!

No other book cover design firm offers these fantastic marketing bonuses to help you quickly earn back the money you’ve invested in your book.

At 100 Covers, the small amount of money you spend with us gets thrown right back at you!

Below are samples of the 3D and social media images included in the Marketing Pack…


The Print Pack

For $300, the print pack includes everything in the marketing pack PLUS a full paperback cover design that’s compliant with Createspace and KDP specifications. We also format our Print Pack customers’ covers for audiobook upon request at no extra charge.

Below are samples of recent Print Pack designs…

How It Works...

Once you purchase one of our design packages, you’ll be asked for 5 simple things to help our design team make the best possible cover for you:

  • Your title, subtitle, and author name exactly as it is to appear on the cover
  • A description of your book or synopsis of your story
  • Any requests or ideas that you have for your design
  • The two primary categories you’re hoping to be competitive in
  • Links to two already-published books you like and think are most similar to yours

For fiction, we also have a separate section where you can give us specific information describing your setting, characters, and other important details that may apply to your cover design, as well as upload images and other things you’d like to share with us.

For Print Pack customers, we’ll worry about what’s on the back cover after you’ve approved the front! We’ll gather information needed to complete your print design when the time is right.  


Our Clients

100 Covers has made all of my book covers. I must admit, the first cover I got didn't seem like me at all. But I was assured that it was the right cover for the book, and that it would help sell my book more effectively by connecting me to a larger audience. It was tough to let go, but I did and gave it a shot. More than four years later, my book is STILL a bestseller on Amazon. As I write this, my book is #3 in all of Diets and Weight Loss (a big category!). The book's success has made me an authority, and helped me launch a fantastic 7-figure business. I know the cover had a lot to do with that success. To be able to get a book cover like this for $100 is crazy. You'd be nuts not to get your cover done through 100 Covers.
Ari Whitten
Author of Forever Fat Loss
Every time the team at 100 Covers creates a book cover for me, the results are incredible. Just when I think they can't possibly outdo themselves, they do it again. Recently, I decided to try and design a couple of new covers myself. What I came up with was pretty darn good, I thought, until I sent it over to 100 Covers for a 2nd opinion. They sent back two new and improved versions of what I had done. The design team truly has a tremendous eye, and a special touch.
John H. Clark III
Author of Camino
I couldn’t figure out what I needed for my book cover. I had tried to create something that I thought would work, and my friends encouraged me to continue my search for a good cover. That’s code for – your ideas stink! When I got together with 100 Covers, they gathered the information about my book, who I was trying to reach, the essence of my message and designed the most delightful, playful, and fascinating cover. They nailed it right from the start. They tweaked it and we were done. The process was so quick and painless that I was in shock as I had expected rounds of revisions trying to find just the right design. Everyone that has seen it has remarked how inviting it is. The cover design will be the tipping point to my book’s success. Everyone knows, a good book is known by its cover.
Linda Bennett

Order Your Cover Now!

Ready to partner up with the most economical, results-based design service on earth for your book? Shop from one of the three products below that best match your needs, and we’ll make you something that readers won’t be able to ignore!


$ 100
00 Once
  • A custom eBook cover with the look and feel of the bestsellers in your category/genre
  • Ready to use on Amazon Kindle and other vendors
  • Unlimited Revisions
  • Quality, high-resolution licensed images and fonts
  • Typical delivery time of 7-14 days


$ 200
00 Once
  • Everything included in the Custom eBook Cover Package
  • Two 3D images optimized for use on social media and your own website
  • A FREE promotion to 50K+ Buck Books subscribers when your book launches!
  • A FREE month of ad campaign setup and management by BookAds!


$ 300
00 Once
  • Everything included in the eBook AND Marketing Packages
  • A Createspace and KDP-ready print cover in the size of your choice
  • A custom spine that perfectly fits the page count of your book
  • A custom, professional back cover complete with your author photo, bio, and anything else you want to include

Working on a Series?

Are you working on a series? Good for you! Writing a series is highly advantageous when it comes to marketing and selling your work–both in fiction and nonfiction. And it also makes a cover designer’s job A LOT easier. And that’s why, after you purchase a cover package with 100 Covers, you’ll get a 50% DISCOUNT on each subsequent cover in your series! That’s just $50 for eBook, $100 for the Marketing Pack, and $150 for the Print Pack! 

Custom Quote

Are you a publisher, very high-volume author, need more than one cover designed, have an atypical project or series, or otherwise have unique needs? Simply Contact Us for a custom quote!

Questions and Concerns

Have questions or concerns? Simply Contact Us and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can! 

Need More?

Need interior formatting for your eBook or paperback, a book trailer, a website designed, a good editor, a narrator for your audiobook, help writing your book description, assistance with your book launch, guidance on building an email list, or other publishing need? We can get it done or connect you with someone who can! We’ve got strong ties with nearly everyone in the entire self-publishing community and can help you find the best services at the best prices. Contact Us and let’s talk!